About TheMoat.com

We help great businesses gain momentum, achieve the success they dream of, and make a positive impact on their market!

About our name

In investing, an Economic Moat is anything that gives a company a lasting competitive advantage, as a result of having a competitive advantage it has more market share, as a result of having more market share it has more profit, and as a result of these things it's a company worth investing in.

The term was coined by legendary investor Warren Buffett in the early '90s when he described their investment philosophy. We've taken hold of this concept and created two brands. EconomicMoat.com, where we invest in companies that have a competitive advantage, and TheMoat.com, where we help business owners create a company worth investing in!

Who we help

We help established business owners and entrepreneurs who offer B2B & B2C professional services, SaaS products, Agency services, Consulting, courses, memberships, etc. Businesses making at least $10,000/ month who want to scale to 7 or 8- figures and beyond. These businesses have a solid foundation for success but need help creating the structure, systems, and processes to get to 7 figures and beyond.

We don't work with drop shippers or affiliate marketers.

What we do

We help founders build a company that leverages "The Flywheel Effect ." A business where each part improves all other parts as it grows so you can gain momentum and grow faster, shedding the weight of the typical problems that weigh down business owners. We do this through two consulting programs: Flywheel and Stronghold. Our programs help you: Generate consistent and qualified leads and appointments at scale, Improve sales, create automated processes, Increase profitability, use your money to make more money, Increase market share, grow through acquisitions, build a massive competitive advantage, and more!

Our philosophy

Our "flywheel effect" helps to build a business that focuses on doing the right things at the right time to gain momentum. When we build companies, we focus on building a virtuous cycle where each part of the business improves all the other parts (think Amazon, Walmart, Vanguard, etc.)

When possible, we feel that a company gets the best results when they engineer their products and services so that each user or customer improves the product or experience for all of the other users or customers (called the network effect). Companies who master this principle can more easily gain market share and grow (think Tesla, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.)

We believe that in business, everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. A simple business is easier to operate, more profitable, more fun, and more difficult for people to copy.

Our Story

Part 1 - Easily Gained Easily Lost

When I started my first business back in 2007, the worst thing that could possibly happen happened. I was in the right place at the right time, and I got quick and easy success. This is a problem because quick and easy success usually ends the way it starts, quick and easy. That's exactly what happened to me.

Having success and then losing it and not knowing how to get it back was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I never wanted to experience that pain again. After trying to get it back, the problem always came back to one thing. Not knowing how to get clients consistently. A problem I discovered that impacts millions of business owners.

Part 2 - Obsession

I learned everything I could about getting clients. I read books, attended seminars, and took courses. I didn't want to just "know it"; I wanted to master it. So I approached it like a scientist using a scientific method. When I learned something, I created a hypothesis, tested it, analyzed the results, refined the process, and made sure it worked more than one time. I started with things like direct mail but was quickly drawn to online marketing and advertising because of how fast I could test things and get feedback. The people I had been connecting with at seminars and in coaching groups noticed my results and asked me for my help. As a result, I started officially offering digital agency services in 2009.

Part 3 - Millions in guaranteed results

Shortly after all of this, Facebook ads started to gain popularity. I had been helping clients market on the platform, and we were getting pretty good results with low spend. We started with just a few thousand per month for a handful of clients. I decided at the time this was the biggest opportunity in front of me, and I decided to go all in. Overnight, I slashed every service we offered except Facebook ads as a service. We quickly went from spending a few thousand per month to a few hundred thousand per month, then a few million per month. While most agencies only keep clients for 3-6 months, our agency was unique because we guaranteed success, and we kept clients for YEARS even without a contract. Part of the reason for this is we went so much deeper into their business than just advising on ads. As a result of our process, we were able to help some clients achieve the ultimate goal of owning their market or having the most market share in their industry. I developed a process to be able to do it systematically.

Part 4 - Stuck

I was helping businesses grow, and I was pretty happy. I loved my clients. I loved advising them, and I loved celebrating their wins with them. However, in my personal life, my family had started to grow. I got married, kids followed, and my priorities shifted. When I was single, running my agency was my core focus. But now that I was married, I needed more time for family, and running an agency wasn't the best for that.

I had helped many of my clients go from 6 to 7 or even 8-figures in their business, but my agency was still under 7-figures. That's because services don't scale well, especially the way we were doing it. My focus was shifting because I was helping my clients make more in a day than most families make in a year. I saw that continuing on the path of offering services the way I was doing it wasn't the most beneficial use of the skills I'd spent my career building.

Then one day, after a particularly frustrating call with a client who I'd helped go from just under 7-figures in revenue to hitting the 8-figure mark in just 24 months, I reached the point of no return. After reviewing the results of an extremely successful campaign that was making him $90k per day, the client asked if I'd be willing to reduce my agency and consulting fee. I was shocked. My agency fee was paid after just 4 hours of the returns he made from this campaign, and it had been running for two weeks. I realized then and there that I had to do things differently.

Part 5 - The Shift

In the past, I had done a little bit with mergers and acquisitions as a tool when it made sense to help me advance my business. I had bought a business, done two mergers in my agency, and bought assets from companies. I had also done some JV's and revenue share deals. These deals were always incredible and always moved the needle and increased my income the most.

I had been thinking of moving to a revenue share and doing more with business acquisition already, but I didn't make the move, and to be honest, I didn't know where to start. But, after that call with my client, I told my wife that I wanted to move to doing M&A full time because I thought it would be best for our family. With her blessing and confidence in my ability, I started right away. From that day on, I only offered services to companies with which I had an equity position or a revenue share agreement. Within 24 months of starting, I had done millions of dollars in deals, and I could directly benefit from the work I was doing in multiple companies.

Part 6 - Sharing

Now my partners and I share the things that have worked best in our portfolio companies to help them grow to 7 and 8-figures. We talk about how to generate leads and appointments, how to use the best ad platforms effectively, how to most effectively manage your company and find good people, how to make your company more profitable, keep more of what you make, and legally save on taxes!

Our Team

Mitch Wilder
Principal, Co-Founder
Creates content & Business Strategy, Leads the business

Kevin Spear
CEO, Co-Founder

Maxx Grosvenor
Marketing Engineer
Helps to manage the day-to-day operations, Builds marketing campaigns

Micah Fraim
Manages accounting, tax planning, and finance

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is by email - Support@TheMoat.com

You can follow Mitch Wilder on Youtube here.

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